Dr. Moshe Abramovici

Though born in Bucharest, Romania, Dr. Moshe spent his childhood and formative years in Israel where he served three years in the Israeli army, and has since carried those experiences with him through the decades and distances until he settled in the United States making a second home in Los Angeles.  Here, he received his education at some of the most prestigious Universities the country has to offer, earning his B.S. at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1982, and finally graduating from the University of Southern California’s Dental School in 1986.

Beyond achieving the “American Dream”, Dr. Moshe has built a bridge between two beloved homes, distant and near, through the many Israeli communities here in Los Angeles which he holds close to his heart.  It is this varied experience, his fluency in Hebrew and Romanian, and his commitment to keeping current with world news and events — with a devoted interest in Israel — that has fostered Dr. Moshe’s keen ability to connect to all walks of life within his patient base.

When he is not serving the community, he is exploring all the world has to offer through snowboarding, mountain biking, diving and hiking


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